Our Operable Partitions is a space management solution that provides not only practicability, possibility and flexibility, but also vitality and convenience in the long run.

Our systems are meant to optimizing the space available and to maintain the same level of comfort and convenience in an economical fashion.

The delicate and exquisite details in our system design enable users to operate the system easily and swiftly.

We are committed to create a practical space management solution for optimizing your investment and make more nice places to work, play and enjoy!

Besides the roles in pursuit of quality and performance, Dalai is also committed to protecting the environment. We
have adopted 3R principles in our operating systems – Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse.






除了關注到產品的質量和表現,『大來』對環境保護也有承諾。我們在各運作單元都採納了3R環保原則–(REDUCE)減排,(RECYCLE) 循環再做,(REUSE) 重用。

Over 20 years experience in system research & development, product design, manufacturing and installation services, Dalai has been serving various markets in Asia and responded creatively to customers’ needs of critical design and budget expectation.

In the range of operable partitions, nowadays, Dalai and all the dedicated people articulate our commitment to customers by 4A Space Management System:

Assurance in quality and performance to your satisfaction
Acoustic performance to meet your requirements

Aesthetics to suit your needs
Access to possibility and flexibility in space management


今天,在活動隔音屏風之範圍內,『大來』和所有致力服務客戶人員都以下列的4A 空間管理系統來表達他們對客戶的一份承諾:

Assurance 肯定的產品質量和表現
Acoustic 隔音的表現滿足您的要求

Aesthetics 美感
Access 為空間管理工作打開無限的可能性